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My work and hobbies center around computers and electronics. One of the most practical and fun ways to combine those areas is in home automation. Our house is full of automated lights and appliances, remote controls, and other fun stuff. My system consists mostly of a HomeVision controller, a bunch of X-10 modules, and some home-built stuff.

Here are some of my home automation projects.
  • Digital temperature sensor mounting idea - Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor DS1820 mounted in RJ-45 jacks.

  • HomeVision caller ID server - Software which takes the caller ID information from a PC connected to a HomeVision controller and sends it to client computers across a network or the Internet.

  • Mowing the Lawn - Here's what I came up with for a cheap and somewhat low-tech way to automate my lawn mowing. I've been able to reduce my mowing time by more than a half.

  • X-10 Mini Controller Repair - Nearly every Mini Controller in my house was damaged in a power surge. Here's what I learned when I opened them up for repair. Winner of the October 1998 Home Toys Tips & Tricks contest.

  • Build an X-10 Lamp - Modify an X10 wall switch module and build it into your favorite lamp. You get intuitive on/off/dim control both locally at the lamp and from remote controllers.

  • Improved X-10 Light Switch (WS-467) - Real tactile feel button, local dimming, and more. Winner of the August 1997 Home Toys Tips & Tricks contest.

  • Ultimate Garage Door Automation - Auto close at night, open if you get locked out, security lock, and inside status indicator. Another popular entry in the same contest.

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